The Interview - Why Do You Have A Mold Problem?
First we discuss why you think you need a mold inspection and
testing, what is the source of moisture causing the problem,
where is the problem located and are you having any adverse
physical effects from possible mold contamination.
The Visual Inspection
Then we perform a complete investigation of the entire
property to determine if there are any signs of moisture
intrusion.  Using professional grade equipment we check
moisture and humidity levels and take digital pictures.  
The Testing
The Results & Written Report
There is approximately a two to three day turn around for the
test results.  Once we have received the test results we then
prepare a written report complete with an introduction,
description of findings during the visual inspection, results
from the lab, and a s
et by set protocol on how the mold (if
present) should be remediated.
GOT MOLD? - Blue Sky Inspections
What does a mold inspection involve?
Testing can range from air samples, swab, tape and bulk.  We
perform the test using professional and accredited methods
and equipment.  Once samples are collected they are then
sent to a lab that uses ISO 17025 guidelines.
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